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More About Our Services

At Ceres Group Advisors, we take an integrated approach to building both leaders and organizations. Our goal is to help you strengthen the relationships that will create opportunities to achieve your financial and organizational objectives. 

Growth —  Sustainability. Strategy. Potential.

From beginning to end, we will assist your organization in growing to scale and achieving your fundraising, business, and membership goals. We do this by helping you identify and source funds to support your mission, develop business plans that will operationalize your social enterprise, advise you on your philanthropic mission, expand your membership recruitment and outreach, and design a gender lens impact investing strategy. 

Connections — Networks. Leverage. Expansion.

We can help you deepen your relationships with your existing networks and expand to new audiences that you want to reach. We do this by identifying your strengths to create a unique brand, analyzing your current relationships and assessing how to maximize and leverage your value to maximize impact. We can help design field building tools to help you operate more effectively and efficiently, identify practices, and improve outcomes. Additionally, through our expansive networks, we can help you find talent to support your goals and objectives.  

Empowerment — Balance. Values. Change.

Through decades of our own experience and supporting others, we will help you reach your personal and professional potential while leading your organization on a path to success and living your values.  We believe in the inherent power of women, and will work with you to help you find clarity and focus, make a plan, and take action.  We can also help you develop and deepen internal culture by designing an organizational audit to align values in your workplace. We will guide you to overcome challenges, embrace change, find opportunities in transition, and structure your organization to holistically support the needs of your greatest resources.

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